The United Nations observed 30th July 2021 as the World Day against Trafficking in Persons and the Theme for this year “Victims Voices Lead the Way”

Trafficking has emerged as a huge problem all over the world and is the third-largest international crime. Adding to victims’ plight, the successive waves of Covid-19 pandemic has increased their vulnerability to human trafficking, as of now it is taking place online and also from within the homes of victims. It is a market where victims are bought, sold, traded and used to meet the worldwide demand for sex, cheap labour, slavery, human organs and pornography, etc.

Cultural Academy observed 30th July 2021 on the topic “Human Trafficking: Inclusion of Survivors- Prevention, Care & Rehabilitation”. Smt. Aishwarya Dongre IPS (Deputy Commissioner of Police, Kochi City) was the esteemed Chief Guest; she is tough woman having assertive experience in dealing with many Human Trafficking cases. It was a very serious session; the in-depth understanding of this menace and the solutions to the issue was discussed. Sri. Biji George (District Crime Branch Assistant Commissioner) also gave his insights about the issue along with other leaders from various fields. Systemic solutions rely on broad, cross-border partnerships between governments, with the support of international and regional organizations. Civil society and private sector cooperation are also crucial to tackle human trafficking.

Cultural Academy always stands to strengthen, empower the women to voice out the plights they face. We are concerned with protecting and giving support to survivors of Human Trafficking, as the rates of this issue are increasing care, rehabilitation, re-integration is also provided. The impact we have created in this sphere is mere in comparison to the magnitude of the atrocities that women are being subjected to but we constantly strive to maneuver through obstacles to regain the Human Rights women and children are often deprived of.

YouTube video was released on the same day, with the focus on “Human Trafficking- Listening from the Survivor”