A puberty hygiene programme was launched by cultural academy for peace in six schools of Elamkunnapuzha grama panchayath with the aim of providing girl’s friendly toilet ,and has installed sanitary napkin incinerators ,sanitary napkin vending machine and has contributed thousand high quality napkins to the schools to enhance their skill,knowledge and practice on puberty sanitation.

We appreciate the effort  of High Level Committee headed by Pam Rajput to undertake a comparative study on the “Status of Women “ since 1989 and to evolve appropriate policy interventions based on a contemporary assessment of women’s economic, legal, political, education, health and socio-cultural needs. Cultural Academy for Peace since its existence has been […]

We are happy to announce that we are organising a workshop on “Gender Equality & Gender Justice”, in collaboration with Kerala State Women’s Commission on July 9th 2015, at Ashirbhavan, Kacheripady, Ernakulam. The workshop focuses on reducing the atrocities against women through the mutual participation of men.  The participants involves the dignitaries from different disciplines […]