Recovery and Resilience during the Floods






In August 2018, the South Indian state of Kerala was hit by an unusually heavy rainfall causing the worst floods in the region in nearly a century. Almost 500 people lost their lives and an estimated million had to be evacuated. During this time Cultural Academy for Peace was actively involved in the affected areas providing people with food packets and cooking kits. After the floods had receded CAP was also engaged in relief activities helping people restore their livelihood back to normal. Cultural Academy for Peace associated with supporters, Panchayats and Local Self Governments of Vypin Panchayath, Chennamangalam Panchayath and Kuramkotta Island.

CAP was able to provide wide range of income generation programs such as, tailoring units, looms, carpentry, masonry and blacksmith equipment’s, cattle, poultry farms, studio, petty shops, candle and rosary making, catering and chips unit, ornamental pet shop, etc.

Our team also went one step further to strengthen the psychological health of the children. We organized a two day camp with an objective of Post-Traumatic Stress Management (PTSM).

COVID-19 Response






Coronavirus disease has affected normal functioning all over the world. The pandemic has changed how we work, learn and interact both personally and professionally. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in mental health problems, people has been face anxiety, distress, depression etc.

Cultural Academy for Peace has been continuously giving tele-counseling and online counseling for people in need of psychological assistance during the pandemic. We also provide legal services and shelter home facilities to women and children who are mostly affected during this pandemic crisis.

CAP is also actively involved in making cloth masks which are distributed to various stake holders. Awareness-building programmes are also conducted topics like social-distancing, best practices related to public health and hygiene, sanitization, use of face masks, following government guidelines during the lockdown period and ways to protect people from community spreading of the pandemic. We also engage ourselves in using social media platforms to generate awareness to the common public on the importance of double masking, social distancing etc.

Contact Us for help during this pandemic: 9495177918