Flood Relief Report 3.0Kuramkotta Island Project:

It is an initiative with the aim of uplifting the marginalized and the less cared-for sectors, which require immediate and effective interventions. Kuramkotta is an isolated island which houses over 100 families, which approximately adds up to 349. Large number of people in this area belongs to SC/ST caste including two Christian and one Muslim family. Our team conducted a need analysis study and also gender sensitization classes to make them aware of the situation and the possibilities of overcoming fear. Classes to improve health and hygiene were also organized, addressing the poor health conditions and unhygienic practices.

Their only mode of transportation is through a tiny little ferry, which can accommodate only 25 people at a time. This is a huge problem as almost everyone on that island needs to go to the mainland for work, education, and even to go to a hospital! The lives of everyone at Kuramkotta came to a complete full stop when the flood hit Kerala few months back and destroyed their island and their ferry. Due to this, they were completely isolated from the mainland for days.

Taking this as a serious social concern, the Cultural Academy for Peace stepped out to take up the responsibility for arranging a ferry for the residents of Kuramkotta. After weeks of hard work, we partly succeeded in making arrangements to purchase a 4HP Yamaha Outboard Motor Engine. They are now able to travel to and fro from their homes to the mainland. Cultural Academy also observed the need for Educational and Legal awareness Programs, which could enable them to seek legitimate help from Government agencies. To support the elderly and the adolescent in their pursuit of a meaningful and happy life, our Team has chalked out guidelines for the formation of Senior Citizen and Adolescent Clubs. Hopefully the Team focuses on bringing changes in the life of the Kuramkotta Community.

Project for Recovery & Resilience of the flood survivors of Ernakulam district:

This project is supported by Terres Des Hommes, Germany & AEIN, Luxembourg. The project areas include: Chennamangalam Grama Panchayath and Paravur Municipality; two areas in Paravur Thaluk of Ernakulam District. In both these areas, we are focusing on the Livelihood Restoration and House Repairs.

The Flood Relief Project Team with the Stakeholders

Almost halfway through the project, we are able to support 29 beneficiaries, out of which we were able to repair the houses of 20 beneficiaries, provide economic rehabilitation to 88 beneficiaries and address the issues of WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) and Public Health by giving out water filters, hand-wash kits and conducting awareness programs.

The project was able to sponsor for a wide range of income generation programs such as, tailoring units, looms, carpentry, masonry and blacksmith equipments, cattle, poultry farms, studio, petty shops, candle and rosary making, catering and chips unit, ornamental pet shop, etc.



In addition to this, we could also support a school that was completely destroyed in the flood. We provided them furniture for the students and teachers, learning materials, teaching aids, sports equipment, a library shelf and books, and also doors for the bathrooms.


Our team also went one step further to strengthen the psychological health of the children. We organized a two day camp with an objective of Post Traumatic Stress Management (PTSM) for 95 children who were students from 1st to 10th standard. We invited eminent   trainers and volunteers to conduct classes for the children who were divided into groups according to their age groups. We will be conducting two more camps as the second and final stages of the PTSM.


We have received a lot of support and encouragement from the local government of the two areas and also from the public who believed in us and stood by us in all the stages.