Community Peace Village

Project Proposal

Introduction to Cultural Academy for Peace:

Established in 1984, Cultural Academy for Peace is committed to nurturing a society based on peace, justice, reconciliation and respect for life. Cultural Academy brings together peace activists, educators and community leaders striving to augment awareness and create a culture of peace and social justice in Asia especially in India. Being pioneers of social development and social action through active nonviolence, Cultural Academy continues its mission through community development work, nonviolent education and training for peaceful co-existence. Since its inception, it has strived for the empowerment and fundamental rights of women and children. It focuses on creating new synergies towards eradicating violence against women and reinforce by coordination and networking among women and men involved in such issues.


Cultural Academy for Peace for the past 35 years has been engaged in providing safe environment housing, education and medical aids in partnership with the government for women and children who are survivors of violence, sexual abuse, trafficking, victims of dowry related issues, attempted suicidal cases and those who are abandoned, harassed, oppressed or isolated in many ways. Peace Village gives a huge relief and a sense of security to the residents, as we know a safe and healthy environment is one of the essential requirements for healing.
There have been many instances where many residents, who were discharged from the emergency and rescue centers, returned to the same centers after a while. This was due to the recurring of offences as the society is not yet ready to recognize and acknowledge women and women’s position. It is an irony that till now no one has looked into this matter seriously. Considering this problem as a human rights issue, Cultural Academy for Peace has taken it up as its special project and if successful, this project will make history in the field of rehabilitation and reintegration.

Implementation Process:

The Peace Village aims at providing a safe and peaceful environment to the target group by providing small cottage system. A system whereby people who are seeking to experience community living come together as an extended community, which had been the practice of early Indian villages. This way of life disappeared in the modern society wherein people are looking for their own privacy and comfort as seen in the nuclear family today. In the early Indian communities, it had been the practice that its members lived together by sharing their resources, intimacy, caring and sharing mentality. This sort of community living experience has been a source of support and rejuvenation for people who are recovering from their traumas. Cultural Academy tries to bring back the spirit of koinonia and agape which has its own power of healing.
The foundation of this project is to empower the women and children in such a manner that they are able to live independently and stand firmly by ensuring their identity. To achieve this, we aim to bring various activities together to ensure recovery from their traumatic past and a holistic psychosocial upliftment. Activities will include programs like counseling, occupational therapy, life skills education, art therapy especially music and dance theatres, meditation, gardening and skill development courses, coping with trauma, etc. This will not only provide them with a means of livelihood, but will also help them to reintegrate into the mainstream society. Furthermore, this will give them a sense of owning a home and living a normal life just like everyone else. The Community Peace Center will serve the psychological needs of the residents by providing space for medication, yoga, quiet corners, etc.
In addition to this, the Peace Village will also have its doors open to welcome the Peace, Social and Academic activists, in and around by providing a special platform to get to know and learn about the non-violent way of living. This village also could function as a centre for trainings and workshops on Conflict Management, Mediation and Negotiation Skills, etc.

This community helps Cultural Academy for Peace to bring together all our activities under one roof wherein people from different cultures and traditions share their experiences whereby we can envisage a unique culture. Together, with this project, we wish to build a world where there is respect for life through non-violent strategies.

1. To provide a safe and peaceful environment to the women and children who are survivors of various abuses by bringing various activities together
2. To provide a holistic recovery of the survivors from the traumas
3. Include trauma healing programs like counseling, occupational therapy, life skills education, art therapy especially music and dance theatres, etc.
4. Open its door to welcome the Peace, Social and Academic activists, from different continents by providing a special platform to get to know and learn about the non-violent way of living in the context of indigenous culture and tradition.

Our Requirements:
1. Purchase of 20 cents (0.2 acres) of land – to construct small cottages, places for meditation, therapeutic and counseling corners, buildings for various skill development programs, meeting and seminar halls, temporary stay for the volunteers, interns and guests who wish to associate with us.
2. At present in Kerala, the approximate amount for 1 cent (0.01 acre) of land is 500 Thousand Rupees, i.e. 7500 US Dollars.
3. So, for 20 cents (0.2 acres) of land, it will cost about 1,50,000 US Dollars.

We seek partners, groups and individuals who can partner with this project and contribute in their own ways.