In partnership with TBZ Mumbai, Cultural Academy for Peace is implementing in a project
named Pankhi since 2019. This project, aiming to help and empower women survivors of
domestic violence, This programme covers the whole state of Kerala.
It has a single helpline number that can be called from anywhere in the country. Callers are
then by the helpline desk for suitable action. The Academy provides Legal support, Counselling 
and Rehabilitation to the survivors with the support of counselors.
Domestic violence is an acute and widely prevalent
problem in India,and hence has serious economic,
social and health implications not only for women and
children, but also for the wider family and community.
Annually, one-third of women age 15-49 have
experienced physical violence and about 1 in 10 has experienced sexual violence and emotional
violence. If we have to make any impact in this area, it is essential to provide awareness on
Gender based Violence and encourage preventive measures on an ongoing basis, at all levels of

Aims of Pankhi Project:

Through central helpline we provide counselling and rehabilitation to the women
suffering from domestic violence.

Objectives of Pankhi Project:

  • To integrate counselling and crisis intervention through a central helpline service
available to the victim.
To provide needs based and timely referrals to the victims of domestic violence.
  • To increase the identification, reporting and referral of case of gender-based violence by
community leaders through the use of helpline.
  • To conduct awareness sessions on gender-based violence in community.

We are providing awareness sessions in various strata of the community under this project.