The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) affirms that education is a fundamental human right for everyone. Eliminating inequalities and disparities in education is one of the major challenges faced by many countries taking this into consideration it is important to provide accessible education including professional trainings to build capacity of the human being.

Community College is a concept which is accessible to a large number of members of the community, focusing on those in need of special education, offering quality education locally, that encompasses skill development thereby providing opportunities to the learners to move directly to the employment sector. It gives a flexible and open education system which also caters to community-based learning.

Cultural Academy for Peace has initiated Community College which is providing support for women and young adults deprived of basic education by giving them an opportunity to be part of the main stream society. The Community College brings out opportunities to the community members to enhance their income, learning opportunities, quality living condition and social learning. It attempts to deal with non-formal education. With the advent of Information Communication Technology (ICT) the Community College can impose virtual modes of learning. At the initial phase we are conducting the courses virtually, considering the current pandemic situation.

Objectives of Community College:

  1. To trace the Human Resource need’s of a community.
  2. To identify the income generating courses apart from the traditional courses of study.
  3. To offer training to the masses in lines with informal learning.
  4. To provide educational support to the drop outs, or to the deprived segments.
  5. To widen the scope of education and to give better alternatives to community.
  6. To promote job oriented, work related, and skill based education.
  7. To act as a catalyst in bridging the link of the society to sharpen skills.

Implementation of Community College:

Cultural Academy for Peace identified the target population from the community through need analysis done with the help of local self government working in the community level. The study identified women and young adults who are in need of support for special education. The target groups of the Community College are women who couldn’t continue their education for various reasons, school dropouts, existing workforce who are seeking to upgrade and standardize their professional skills.

Discussions were carried out with proficient expertise in the subjects; a suitable syllabus was designed focusing on the learning capacity of each student. The course is designed to provide the students with standardized certificate at the end of the course.

The Cultural Academy for Peace, Founder and Chairperson Mrs. Beena Sebastian is instrumental for initiating this program, the different aspects of the program was discussed with the team members and with the expertise from various disciplines.

We are also networking with other colleges, Women and Child Department and other organizations involved in the field to gain their inputs.

We offer skill development courses for income generation like

  • Hospitality Management
  • Computer Application
  • Financial Management
  • Wheels for Women
  • Cosmetology Therapy
  • Community services Course

The students require materials and equipment’s like computers, smart phones, record books, cosmetic materials, stationeries etc. which are essential throughout the courses.

Let us take this as an opportunity to extend our support to women, bringing them to the main stream society thus enabling them to be part of the national building program. Together we can make Difference in our society by providing better opportunities to every woman!

Your partnership and support will help them to Achieve their Dreams! You play an Important role in each of their lives.


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