On the 25th of August 2023, the Cultural Academy for Peace marked the occasion of Onam with vibrant festivities under the banner of “Aarppo 2023”. The event, which took place at the Shanthibhvan residence, witnessed an array of engaging performances by children, adding an extra layer of delight to the celebrations. Distinguished by the presence of numerous political figures and dedicated police personnel, the event radiated a sense of unity and community spirit. The primary aim of the program was to foster encouragement and merriment among the residents of Shanthibhvan as they rejoiced in the festive fervor.

The culmination of the event featured a hearty sadhya, providing all attendees with an opportunity to relish traditional delicacies in the company of fellow celebrants. The “Aarppo 2023” celebration undoubtedly served as a platform to honor the essence of Onam while strengthening the bonds that tie the community together.