A digital literacy initiative was organized on Koramkotta Island in conjunction with the second phase of the digital literacy program. This program was conducted by the Cultural Academy for Peace, with the cooperation and participation of 11th and 12th-grade students from Matha Nagar Public School in Kadavanthra, along with their teachers. Initially, the interns provided an orientation on Koramkotta Island, the Cultural Academy for Peace, digital literacy, and the concept of social work. The program provided students with a firsthand view of the lives of marginalized communities. Its primary objective was to educate both children and adults about the beneficial use of mobile phones and various apps for educational purposes. As part of the program, adults received instruction on tasks such as saving contacts and conducting online payments, aiming to familiarize them with modern mobile phone technologies. Meanwhile, children were introduced to a range of topics, including the utilization of Chat GPT – an AI platform that assists humans with tasks – and were introduced to Microsoft Office. The program commenced at 11 am and concluded at 3 pm, followed by an evaluation session to assess its impact.