On March 8th, an awareness session was held at St. Mary’s Church Hall, Thripunithara. More than 300 members from the Self-Help Groups of Sahrudaya Welfare Services Ernakulam actively participated in the event. Advocate Ferha Azeez, presided over the session.

The session delved into a comprehensive exploration of several key Acts about women’s rights, including the Domestic Violence Act, POCSO Act, POSH Act, and The Maintenance And Welfare Of Parents And Senior Citizens Act. The participants embraced the insightful discourse with enthusiasm, fostering engaged discussions. A post-session consultation was also conducted to address any queries raised by the attendees.

Recognizing the significance of raising awareness about these legal frameworks, the initiative plays a pivotal role in empowering women and safeguarding their rights. By augmenting comprehension and consciousness of these Acts, women are better equipped to navigate legal systems, assert their rights, and access vital support mechanisms. Ultimately, such initiatives contribute to the cultivation of a more empowered and inclusive society.