On March 11, 2024, an insightful awareness session commemorating International Women’s Day unfolded for police trainees at the Kerala Armed Police 1st Battalion. The event was graced by the presence of Deputy Commander Mr. Jackson Peter. Ms. Beena Sebastian, the founder and chairperson of Cultural Academy for Peace, delivered a compelling Women’s Day message, accentuating the essence of gender equality and honoring women’s substantial contributions to society. Her inspirational address resonated with the participants, reinforcing the significance of Women’s Day and the imperative of fostering gender inclusivity and empowerment.

Advocate Ferha Azzez, a renowned Lawyer at the High Court of Kerala and legal counselor at the Service Providing Centre of Cultural Academy, led the session. She spoke on laws and acts about the welfare and protection of children and women, contributing to the participants’ understanding of legal frameworks crucial for their roles in law enforcement.

The education of police trainees on laws related to women’s rights holds profound importance. Law enforcement officers armed with a comprehensive grasp of these laws are better equipped to address situations involving women’s safety. This knowledge contributes to improved investigation procedures, increased sensitivity towards victims, and the steadfast application of legal frameworks during interventions. In essence, a society where heightened awareness of women’s rights prevails leads to a more resilient system that safeguards women and upholds equality under the law.